Adidas Terrex Trailmaker RAIN.RDY Junior Walking Shoes - AW22 - Pink - junior - 34

adidas Terrex Trailmaker RAIN.RDY Junior Walking Shoes Comfy feet mean happy little explorers. Get your little explorer out on the trails in these adidas hiking shoes. They have a lightweight, running-shoe feel plus durable support and traction for tromping over slick rocks and mud. RAIN.RDY tech keeps feet warm and dry in wet conditions. A Traxion outsole grips tight to slick surfaces. RAIN.RDY Mesh Upper The upper of these shoes is crafted from a RAIN.RDY textile that provides unparalleled comfort and breathability. The RAIN.RDY upper provides optimal waterproof protection to keep you dry so you can stay focused on tackling the tough trails ahead. This waterproof textile upper delivers a regular fit for advanced comfort on the trail while a lace closure anchors the shoe to the foot securely for superior stability and control, reducing the risk of injury and providing responsive wear. TPU sections provide added durability and abrasion resistance in key areas, protecting the foot from sharp debris and ensuring long-wearing durability. The padded tongue protects the foot from pressure from the laces and blocks debris from entering the shoe. Lightweight EVA Midsole Developed using an EVA, the midsole of the adidas Terrex Trailmaker RAIN.RDY Walking Shoes is extremely lightweight and comfortable. The full-length platform of EVA resides underfoot for lightweight, responsive cushioning. Generous, soft and durable, it spares your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving surfaces. Exceptionally lightweight, the EVA ensures long-lasting cushioning to keep you comfortable on long-distance days. EVA is extremely firm, which will absorb shocks instantly and effectively, preventing them from causing any damage to the sole of the foot. Energy produced from this will also be returned as rebound, which will give you an added spring in your step. The midsole ensures you're ready for the unpredictable trails and tough terrain. Traxion Outsole Completing the adidas Terrex Trailmaker is a Traxion outsole that offers the ultimate grip on uneven surfaces. Able to form a solid grip with a wide range of different surfaces, the material will ensure that you are always in full control. Even in wet conditions, the rubber forms a strong connection, anchoring you in place for stability. Multi-directional lugs and grooves will further hold you in place, especially on wet and muddy ground. This will assist with takeoffs, landings and changes of direction. Extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, the rubber will stand up against abuse from hard rockfaces, retaining its shape and definition to provide you with long-term functionality.

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